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Subject[1.12] 7th Anniversary for Gwangju Cultural Foundation


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7th Anniversary for Gwangju Cultural Foundation


‘Let Today and Tomorrow be Connected’


It has been already 7 years since Gwangju Cultural Foundation was established.

With the aim to be a good farmer for looking after tree of culture to bear abundant fruit,

we have run zealously and sincerely so far.

We can’t even imagine our presence without all the contributions

from Gwangju Citizens, artists and many of related organization and people so on.


Therefore, we prepared the time for letting us being connected each other;

Gwangju citizens and Artists, further to, our daily life and culture and today and tomorrow.

It is our pleasure to invite all who want to join with us on 12th of January from 4pm to 5pm at Bitgoeul Citizen Culture Center 2F Lobby to celebrate its special event.




16:00 Opening & Special Performance for Congratulation by GCF personnel

16:10 Time for presenting Appreciation Plaque to contributors for GCF

16:20 Congratulatory Speech & Commemorative Remarks and Video Message

16:30 Presentation for 2018 Main Project of Gwangju Cultural Foundation 

         (Speech by Mr. Yoon-Ki Kim, Representative Director of GCF)

16:40 Networking with all participants

16:50 Hologram VIP Preview ‘Gift from the Little Prince’



Highly Appreciation.



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