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Subject‘The Little Prince’ can Meet in Hologram Theater


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‘The Little Prince’ can Meet in Hologram Theater

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The first collaborative work with local company’s hologram technology and the play group is on screening at Gwangju Cultural Foundation in hologram theater(Bitgoeul Artspace 5F). The citizens and children can enjoy the Shakespeare’s ‘The Little Prince’ as musical form with hologram technology in local area. 


As already well-known all over the world, ‘The Little Prince’ is the novel by Shakespeare when he published in 1943 and has been translated in 260 languages and being loved by many people so far.


To change the perspective that ‘The Little Prince’ is for adult, it was adapted into a puppet play with a cutting edge of hologram technology so that the adult and child can enjoy together.

In particular, its work means a lot in terms of first content created by production group composed of only local based experts. Megnon Studio, VFX Specialized company who had been in charge of many of film’s special effect and local play group who has more than 150 performance experiences participated for this collaborative project. 


The storyline is started by the pilot meet the little prince once he made an emergency landing in the dessert. The little prince used to take care of his friend, selfish and arrogant rose flower but left from his land to find another friend. While he move around the several stars, he met the king who is bluffing himself and besides, he met an old geographer, fox and finally the man whose job is pilot. During his journey, he figured out what is meaning of friend and remained the question of what is pure importance for life and relationship tossing it to the viewer as a lesson.


This hologram new content will be on screening everyday and can do reservation through Interpark and Timon by online. The reservation by group such as kindergarten or nursery school should be by call(062-670-7452). The fee is 8,000 won per person.


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