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Subject[8.17~19] Enjoy HaHaHa Festival


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Enjoy 'HaHaHa Festival'

                                        - organized by resident artists group 





During 17th to 19th of August, the surrounding of Bitgoeul Citizen Cultural Center will be changed into festival spot. Lots of small and large scale of performance are waiting for Gwangju citizens. The festival title is 'HaHaHa Festival.'


Gwangju Cultural Foundation has supported artists group as resident group to develop and support them for working on local area.

This year, 6 artists group was selected and got fund to be able to organize the festival. The upcoming ‘HaHaHa Festival’ is prepared by those artist groups together and during 3 days, you can enjoy different kinds of performance and free art market and the play with interesting story.


1. Daegu Play group 'Hanullim' will show its play 'Hoya, My baby' on 17th, Friday at 7pm. 

The venue is small performing hall in Bitgoeul Art Space which is at 5th floor.


2. 'The dream in Summer Night' describing love story in a dream between young couples and forest fairies. This is on 17th from 8:30pm at outdoor of Bitgoeul Citizen Culture Center.


3. 'Sun and Moon', nonverbal Korean Traditional Performance.

This has been rapidly promoted naturally through word-of-mouth since Korea first musical director, Kolleen Park directed. It is Digital Convergence Performance mixed with Korean Traditional Music and different types of music such as Rock and Pop, also integrated Hologram Video Show.


The performance time is 4:30pm at 18th of August at performing hall in Bitgoeul Citizen Culture Center.


4. On 19th of August at 4:30pm at the same place, you can enjoy collaborated performance by resident art group, they will invite you into a world of Classic Ballet. Such as 'The prelude of A Midsummer Night's Dream' by Mendelssohn and 'Four Swan Dance' by Tchikovsky', those beautiful melody of classic music will be shown up with graceful ballet performance.


5. Beside of that, Street Dance and DJ performance, Dance sports, musical Galashow so on, you can enjoy all those things once you visit around here.


** Keep in mind, those all performance should be booked ahead by call, 062-670-7912 and the price for ticket is free.


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